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Christine Jayne Vann

I'm an Oxfordshire based Author, who specialises in science-fiction starring unusual characters. You won't find any white men with a tragic past here. Aliens of uncertain sexuality and autistic women with a temper? Hell yes.

My people are not standard. They do not live in tidy, neat worlds, but in chaos. And the world is never fair. After all, they do say write what you know...


Vann's ideas are truly creative, and unique. Her writing style is both beautiful and eerily thought provoking in its themes

Michelle-lit, Online Book Club Review

Fascinating, thoughtful, and richly narrated.

Alex Hansen, When I was Not Myself

Tacenda by Christine Vann is a brilliant example of a first contact science fiction

KS Dreamer, Amazon Review

Free Social Stories

This website offers a collection of free social stories created by Christine. Social stories are a valuable learning resources for children and adults that learn visually, such as those on the autistic spectrum.

 The full collection can be purchased via Amazon.

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Here you can find details of my latest book releases, anthology contributions, and my work developing Social Stories for those on the autistic spectrum.

You can also find details of my exotic pet rescue, Crittery Exotics.

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Can I help?

I'm available for media enquiries, custom social stories and happy to contribute to charity anthologies - details of past anthology contributions and media appearances can be found with my Author Details.

If your enquiry is related to Crittery Exotics, please enquire via the Crittery Website.