You press your hand against the thick glass in front of you, where another hand lays on the other side. The glass is cool to your touch. You consider the hand on the other side. It's [[like your hand]] It's [[not like your hand]]The hand is a lot larger, pale and hairless. You see it is connected to a face. [[it's a bit like your face]]It's bigger, pale and the only fur lies on top. It has big eyes though. And it smiles. This causes you [[confusion]]You feel like you want to talk to the figure, but you suspect it wouldn't understand you. You [[look at each other]]You wait, but the figure doesn't return. This makes you feel a little sad. You [[remove your hand]] from the glass.As you look closer you realise it's [[not like your hand]]A much larger version comes up and takes the figure away. It pulls its hand away with a final look and wave back. You [[remove your hand]] You [[wait]] You take your small furry hand off the glass and race back up a tree. Your long tail hangs behind you as you turn to your companions. "Has anyone figured out what they want yet?"