I’m an Oxfordshire based Author, who specialises in science-fiction starring unusual characters. You won’t find any white men with a tragic past here. Aliens of uncertain sexuality and autistic women with a temper? Hell yes.

I’ve contributed to various successful charity anthologies and am often seeking new projects so do feel free to ask!

The Pairing Series is a science fiction adventure that follows Kerris and Arucken, an interspecies messenger team and their semi-sentient ship Octavia.

The Social Stories book has been a useful visual resource for many families.

Shorter Tales

When I Was Not Myself

A short tale about identity, memory and expectation.

Twisted Memory

A Christmas tale about family and forgiveness, included in Holiday Heartwarmers anthology.

The Pity Rose

A paranormal tale about identity and photography that was included in the Words With Heart charity anthology published by Elderflower Press. All profits went to Girls Not Brides.

Past and Future Nature

A short story about identity, abuse and sexuality that was included in the Ride the Rainbow Anthology that rose funds for the victims of the Pulse Shooting.